Sunday, October 14, 2007

Internet Phone Spells Technology On The Move

Analysing the world wide trend of telecommunication one key point that surfaces is that there is a definite change in the way people communicate with others. Fixed line telephones are nothing but slowly becoming a thing of the past as IP telephony gains weightage across its world wide audience. VoIP telephony has given greater flexibility and ease of calling to its users by allowing calls to be made through Internet phone. Internet phone as the name suggest is a method of making VoIP calls using ones computer to another computer, landline telephone or even a mobile phone.

Why Switch To VoIP Phone?

We have been using public switch telephony network for more than a decade now. It is quiet convenient and reliability has never really been an issue with it. Then why would anyone want to suddenly migrate from PSTN to Internet phone service?

One of the primary reasons for increasingly large number of business houses and residentials opting for voice over IP phone is its cost effective feature. A long distance international call to your family would end up costing you anywhere around 5$ to 10$. In contrast to this, a call made to the same destination and for the same time period will cost you less than half of it! Isn't this enough of a reason in itself? For most of the people it is and figures from various research reports prove this.

If you are a business house then your main cause of worry for not making the switch could very well be the quality and reliability of the business phone system. However, with number of improvements you have nothing to trouble your mind over. Problems like echo, broken voice and jitters have all been taken care of by constant improvements that have taken place over a period of years. An established VoIP service provider would ensure quality of service thereby giving you a reliable and stable communication structure.

Moreover the ability to make VoIP calls through your computer gives you the flexibility and liberty to be in constant touch with your clients from round the globe 24x7!

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