Thursday, October 25, 2007

Honda Hybrid Technology

Honda has been on the leading edge of the hybrid car revolution. As consumers and the government began demanding hybrid alternatives to help save on gasoline costs and provide a friendlier alternative for the environment, automobile manufactures, like Honda, began introducing hybrid models.

Honda has a few different models on the market that are based upon their current models of gasoline powered cars and vehicles. Honda offers arrange of choices that allow a consumer to find what they want and not be limited in choice of models or styles.

The popular Honda Civic Hybrid was introduced in 2003. It introduced new technology. Honda added a continuously variable transmission to the Integrated Motor Assist system that was already available in the Honda Insight, another hybrid model.

The Honda internal combustion engine has the VTEC cylinder cut-off system. What this does is allow up to three cylinders to stop during deceleration. This allows for better regeneration of energy for the electric motor. In the long term, this means the car has ore electric power available so it can operate longer on the electric motor and rely less on the gasoline power engine.

Additionally, the Honda hybrid motor has a permanent magnet assist motor which works during deceleration and helps with battery charging.

The Civic also features the third stage i-VTEC and VCM or Variable Cylinder Management. This means that for the first time, this Honda hybrid can run on the electric power only during operation.

Honda has worked hard to produce new hybrid technology which increases the performance of the car. A Honda hybrid is going to have great gas mileage since it relies less on the gasoline engine to produce power of the vehicle. Less gasoline usage also means less pollution, putting
Honda hybrid vehicles in a very good position as far as consumers are concerned.

Honda hybrid vehicles are at the top of the hybrid list that consumers are buying. Honda hybrids offer consumers exactly what they want in a hybrid because they have great gas mileage and low pollution outputs. Honda also continuously develops and works on advancements in the technology they use in their hybrids so they can provide consumers with better models each year.

Honda is a trusted automobile manufacturer that has gained the trust of consumers and with their hybrid models they have shown consumers they can meet whatever demands or desires they may have.

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