Wednesday, October 3, 2007

How Do I Download Music to My PSP

How do anyone like I download music to my psp device from the personal computer? All you need simply is a USB cable to connect your psp device to the personal computer. Yes, it’s that simple and here are the main steps, I like to share with everyone, on how do I download music to my psp device.

A. PSP device to personal computer connection
Firstly, use the USB cable to connect your psp device to your personal computer. Then press on the psp “home” button, which is at the lower left of the psp screen. Look for the “settings” selection by using the left-right directional buttons to navigate and then from there, search for the “USB Connection” on the psp device by using the top-down buttons and then press the X button (round bottom marked X) to confirm your selection. You should now be able to see a USB connection on your psp device.

B. Create a download folder
By now, your computer has already detected a new USB device on the hard drive. Click the drive, usually will be your last alphabetical drive, which corresponds to your psp memory card. Create a new folder inside that drive and you can name the folder as “music download” or any other title you want to use.

C. Download Music from your personal computer to psp
You can now start to copy your favorite music files from your personal computer onto the new folder that you have created in your psp device.

NOTE: Please take note that psp’s using the older software runs only on mp3 format. And also the older software runs inside the psp device does not support the WMA & WMV music formats. We will discuss more later.

Once you have completed downloading the music to the new folder, press O on the psp to exit the USB connection mode. Then on your psp device, look for the “memory stick” at the music section by using the up-down arrows for navigation. Then press the X button again to enter your selection. You should be able to find all the music files, which you have downloaded.

Note that you need to upgrade your psp firmware if you really needs or wants to play the WMA and WMV audio files. Newer firmware versions of Sony for example, can play WMA & WMV files directly on your psp. Otherwise, you can also convert the files to mp3 format. There are many ways to do this. An easier way is to use free Windows application Switch. This is easily available in the Internet. First, in the windows media player, rip the music file that you want to convert. Then you need to run the Switch software, create a new folder or output folder and select the output format. In the output format, you will have a choice to select mp3. Once you are done, you now have converted your WMA audio file to an mp3 file.

Now you can enjoy listening to the music that you have downloaded to your psp. Just repeat the easy steps above whenever you have additional music to download onto your psp device.

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