Friday, June 19, 2009

Toshiba 40RV525R 40-Inch 1080p LCD HDTV

Specifications: The 40RV525R Toshiba LCD HDTV is one the latest models in the Toshiba's HDTV range. It is a 40-inch TV that sports several new and improved features. It comes with a 10bit video processor and a 60HZ scan rate. It has an 8 second pixel response rate and when on Cinema Mode, can play videos at 24 frames per second. It comes with 3 HDMI inputs, 2 HD component inputs, analog audio output, Dolby Digital output and several others. It is also an energy efficient model as it is Energy Star 3 compliant.

Design: The 40RV525R Toshiba LCD HDTV measures at 39.2 x 25 x 3.2 inches and weights at 39.3 pounds. This model sports a rather traditional design. It has the usual glossy black external casing and a relatively small rectangular black stand. I personally prefer more edgier designs, but than again simplicity works for many people. The speakers are located just below the screen, hidden behind a thin strip the runs the length of the HDTV.

Features & Performance: This new model incorporates the DynaLight Backlight Control that automatically adjusts the back-lights of each video frame to produce smooth transitions to create realistic details and deep blacks. There is also a Color Temperature Control feature that enables you to adjust the color temperature according to the lighting conditions of the room. The Gaming Mode works pretty well on most of our games too. Overall, the new 40RV525R Toshiba LCD HDTV is good buy for those who are looking for a simple, medium-sized, no-frills LCD HDTV. It is well priced and comes with a good set of features that provides an enjoyable viewing experience.

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Nabyut said...

As other reviews have pointed out the sound isn't impressive, but it works for my small room. If you're looking for something louder you'll have to hook it up to a system.

great hdtv said...

I've had this TV for three weeks and I'm happy with the quality. I had a relatively small living room so I needed a smaller TV and this model works perfectly.

Poby said...

So when price is considered this Toshiba unit is very good. Take price out of the equation and it is only fair/good. Buying this for a secondary room makes perfect sense.