Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Apple iPod Touch Review (16GB - 2nd Generation)

The new Apple iPod Touch is much looks slimmer than its predecessor (though they are similar in thickness). One of my favorite design improvements was the addition of physical volume buttons on the side that was not available on the older models. It retains its glossy black (fingerprint magnet) that is guaranteed to get scratched without a case.

One of the biggest factors that propelled the success of the Apple iPod Touch was the fact that there are so many features cramped onto this little media player. It is mainly an MP3 player, a video player, an internet browser and also a personal organizer.

The new 2nd generation Apple iPod Touch has a built in speaker that works pretty well for its size. If you have your speakers on max and you plug in your earphones, the iPod will automatically adjust the volume to the level when you last used the earphones so that you don't get shocked by the loud volume.

I often use my Apple iPod Touch to play games and noticed a slight improvement in battery lifespan on the new model. I also often use it to surf the new and it is a little disappointing that it still doesn't support Flash websites. The screen on the new model also feels a little more responsive. The movements of the icons 'follow' the movement of your fingers a little better. It also has a new Nike + feature that helps you track your performance during an exercise regime (you will need a sensor that is sold separately).

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