Thursday, May 21, 2009

Cheap Toshiba REGZA 47ZV650U 47-Inch 1080p LCD HDTV with ClearScan 240, Black

Toshiba takes its REGZA Series LCD HDTVs to the next level with 2009's ZV650 full 1080p lineup, which feature a number of technological advances in both audio and video to make the most of your home theater experience. Fans of sports, video games, and fast-paced action movies will be wowed by the ClearScan 240 advanced frame rate technology, which greatly improves on previous 120Hz LCD panels for fluid, natural motion. The amazing high-definition picture is powered by the new PixelPure 5G 14-bit video processor, and the set includes Dolby Volume technology for a consistent audio level when changing the channel or when a program switches to commercial.

It includes a PC Input for use as a PC monitor or gaming TV, and--unlike other smaller TVs--it also features a Gaming Mode to shorten the signal to screen time for faster game controller response. Other features include Toshiba's DynaLight dynamic backlight control for deeper black levels, a fast 8ms response time CineSpeed LCD panel, and four HDMI digital inputs for simple high quality connection to cable/satellite boxes, DVD players and more. And this HDTV, like all Toshiba 2009 TV models, meets Energy Star 3.0 certifications for reducing energy consumption by up to 25 percent compared with standard TVs.

In addition to this 47-inch 1080p REGZA model, the ZV650 lineup also includes the 42-inch 42ZV650U and 55-inch 55ZV650U models.

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