Saturday, May 1, 2010

Cheap Samsung LN40C630 LCD HDTV

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Customer Reviews

At long last, the tv arrived, only to be refused and immediately sent back out the door. It was DOA. I'll give it one more chance and see if the replacement is any better. I'm pretty happy I bought the extended warranty at this point.

Purchased this TV for the bedroom based on price, size and another's review. It meets all our needs as a second TV. HD channels are the best. Since not all our channels are available in HD, we're not getting the full effect the TV is capable of producing. Videos are great. Like how the controls light up at night.

This TV is great and I have seen it at many places now. My issue is with AMAZON not shipping it after a week since I paid. Don't advertise FREE SHIPPING when it takes almost 2 weeks before you get your product. Not happy at all.

I did a lot of research for TV's in this price range. I've bought a few plasmas and LCD's previously, and this TV blows them all away. This is a great price point, size and brand name TV. You can't go wrong really, you will most certainly be satisfied. The 120hz setting on Clear works best, otherwise gives your TV content a weird soap opera look, so either set it to Clear or turn it off. This LCD works great with a PS3 also, and supports 1080p/24hz resolution, so when you watch blurays, the picture is crystal clear. If you experience any input lag when playing games (delay from button press to action on screen), try setting the source name of your PS3 to PC, it seems to fix that issue pretty well.

The sound on this TV is very robust and clear, although when watching blurays I have to turn it up to hear dialogs, which then makes action sequences really loud, but it's not a big deal.

The design of this TV is just awesome. It has the glass bezel and gloss table top, definitely one of the best looking TV's that I've ever seen. The stand also swivels, which is something every TV should have, but usually don't.

The remote works well, and is very sturdy. The onscreen menus are very clear and even provide descriptions to most of the settings so you don't need to try and figure out what certain settings do.

Its a pretty thin and light panel too, so if your mounting it, it should stay pretty flat on the wall.

I've got nothing but positives to say about this set, its worth every penny, and I'm usually very critical about electronics, but I'd recommend this LCD to anyone. It doesn't look that great out of the box, but after a week of playing with the color settings, I think the picture has been perfected.


Here are my picture settings for anyone that needs a little help getting started

Mode: Standard

Backlight: 14

Contrast: 80

Brightness: 40

Sharpness: 20

Color: 51

Tint: G48/R52

Eco Solution: all off

Edge Enhancement: off

Digital Noise Filter: Low (though I'm sure auto is about the same)

MPEG Noise: Low

Color Tone: Normal (some people seem to like the Warm settings)

Auto Motion Plus 120HZ: Clear (though some people might like this more OFF)

If you have any adjustments to these, let me know

I love this TV. We have had a great experience with not only the TV, but the price, shipping, delivery . . . everything.


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IS VERY GOOD..............................

computron said...

The display of this TV is very Nice and its in reasonable price.