Wednesday, July 29, 2009

New IPod Nano 4th Gen

The Launch of a new range of iPods always brings an air of excitement to all iPod fans. The New nano 4th Gen dubbed "the thinnest iPod ever" has been the worst kept secret with in Apple's recent history, images of the Nano were posted on and around many internet forums several days before the iPod was supposed to be released.

The new Nano has been totally redesigned from the previous shorter fatter shape of the Nano 3rd Gen it now stands tall and thin resembling the first & second generation versions. Although styled on the first generation's of the Nano the 4th gen has been thoroughly modernised creating a much easier on the eye style. The Case is now curved oval shape, with the glass screen matching the aluminium housing.

The newest feature of the iPod Nano 4th is the inclusion of the accelerometer, previously seen in the iPhone. This device allows you to shuffle tracks by simply shaking the iPod, the tracks will then automatically randomise. Another cool Nano feature is Cover Flow technology which allows you to browse album covers when the iPod is turned onto its side.

The good news for Dension owners is that the new iPod Nano 4th gen and revised iPod Touch will work with the Dension Gateway systems if the newer firmware has been installed. Problems were caused earlier in the year when Apple changed the way the iPhone 3G charges to a newer 5V system, that the previous Gateway could not support. The Nano 4th gen also has the 5v charging system so will work perfectly with the Dension Gateway. However due to the new shape of the Nano the Active cradle inserts may not accept the Nano 100% correctly so for the mean time its best to connect via the Dock Cable that will accept all iPods.
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