Sunday, September 21, 2008

Apple iPod nano 8 GB Silver 4th Generation

Apple iPod nano 8 GB Silver 4th Generation

Apple iPod nano 8 GB Silver 4th Generation
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With eight amazing colors, a new curved design, and great new features, iPod nano rocks like never before. The Genius Playlist feature finds the songs in your music library that go great together and makes a playlist for you. With its built-in accelerometer, iPod nano is made to move. Give it a shake, and it shuffles to a different song in your library. Turn it on its side to flip through your album art in Cover Flow. And tilt, move, and play accelerometer-inspired games (games available separately). Watching movies, TV shows, and video is even more fun on the sharp 2-inch screen. And your photos (up to 7,000 of them) look great in portrait or landscape view. Available in 8 GB and 16 GB models, the 8 GB iPod nano puts up to 2,000 songs or 8 hours of video in your pocket.

Also new to the nano is the use of accelerometers like those present in the Touch and iPhone, allowing you to tilt it to watch a video or enter cover flow to browse albums quicker. You can also give it a quick shake to enter shuffle mode, but this isn't as useful as the other features I just mentioned... If the games that are already present on the unit are any indication however, Apple looks to be planning to use this feature extensively and to its full potential in the future.

Overall it's a wonderful little music player that surely wont disappoint, from the casual listener to the hardcore music junkie, it's a must to be considered for anyone in the market.

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