Sunday, August 12, 2007

Comcast Provides Video On Demand And Other Technologies Of The Future

If you've been trying to get the home entertainment technology of the future in your home right now, you might want to take a look at digital cable service from Comcast. That's because Comcast has updated cable TV with a variety of new technologies including video on demand. Video on demand is basically the ability to watch a TV show, movie, or sporting event when you want to watch it. There are several different types of technology that can bring you video on demand. For example, the videos that you can stream from the Internet- like news clips and TV shows- are one example of video on demand. Another example of video on demand can be seen in the form of videos from video sharing sites like YouTube. At this point though, the video that's available over the Internet is quite limited and for that reason it isn't a very good source of video on demand.

Digital video recorders (which are also offered by Comcast by the way) provide another form of video on demand. Digital video recorders can easily be programmed to record any type of TV program that comes into your home- be it a TV show, a movie, a sporting event, a news cast, or a block of music videos. All of that video is then stored on a hard disk that's built into the unit. Later, the owner of the digital video recorder can access his or her choice of the videos on the the hard disk. That said though, a digital video recorder doesn't offer true video on demand because you have to decide what you want to watch ahead of time in order to built the library of videos to choose among.

While digital video recorders and Internet downloads have their places in the realm of video on demand, Comcast offers a true version of the technology through it's On Demand service and Premiums On Demand subscription. On Demand is a type of pay per view service that comes with all of Comcast's programming packages and allows you to choose a movie from a large selection of recently released movie and pay for it from the comfort of your own home- just like with normal pay per view. The major difference is that you can start watching it as soon as you've ordered it and you can fast forward and rewind within the movie.

Premiums On Demand is a special subscription service that you pay a little bit extra for, but will allow you unlimited access to its features. Premiums On Demand provides yo with access to content from channels like Cinemax, The Movie Channel, and HBO. It's a good way to watch what you want to watch and when you want to watch it.

Of course, Comcast provides you with lots of other types of cutting edge technology as well as video on demand. For example, HDTV is another technology that will undoubtedly be more and more prevalent in the years and decades to come. That's because it offers a superior picture and sound quality when compared to normal TV. Thankfully, Comcast offers a variety of HDTV channels and will probably offer even more in the years to come.

Comcast is definitely looking out for the future of TV.

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Comcast Provides Video On Demand And Other Technologies Of The Future By Julia Hall

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