Friday, March 16, 2007

Flickr targets Hong Kong market

Popular photo-sharing site Flickr has announced plans to launch a version in the Chinese language.

The move from Yahoo-owned Flickr is part of its attempts to localise and increase the accessibility of its websites, especially in Asia.

The site, using traditional Chinese characters, will initially target users in Hong Kong.

The next target market will be Taiwan, it said. Yahoo did not mention any plans to build its China user-base.

The Flickr in Chinese will offer all the main features which are available on the English-language version, a spokeswoman said.

Although Beijing often censors online information it considers to be politically sensitive, Flickr is accessible in China.

Figures from iResearch indicate that Yahoo China has 9% of China's online photo-sharing market.

China has about 137 million web users - making it the second-largest online market.

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