Saturday, February 24, 2007

Online iTunes backup service goes live

Everyone knows backup is a chore, and keeping your backed-up files on a separate drive in the same home or office as your master won't keep them safe from fire. Bandwagon, a service for 'music geeks' who forget to back up their iTunes looks to solve that problem by automatically backing up your music library to a secure off-site server over your broadband link.

Bandwagon requires Mac OS X 10.4, and iTunes 7, and runs as an item in the menu bar. It allows for full flexibility where selective or full backups are concerned, and because it's been built for forgetful, lazy Mac owners, there's no need to drag and drop your files onto the server. Once you've told it what kind of media you want to back up, the Queue Manager will take care or building your backup set.

The service, a Universal Binary optimised for both PowerPC and Intel processors, costs $69 per year at an introductory rate, with a fully-operational 30-day trial on offer for $1.

iTunes Technology by MacUser

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