Friday, January 26, 2007

How E.T. Might Phone Home, if Home Had a G.S.M. Network

Palm Treo 750

The Palm Treo 750 is a Windows Mobile smartphone with a global agenda. The 5-ounce phone, which uses Cingular’s cellular and wireless broadband networks in the United States, can connect in most countries that use the G.S.M. standard.

The phone, which comes in a dark blue rubberized finish with chrome accents, has a full keyboard, bright color touch screen and 1.3-megapixel camera. But road warriors will appreciate its more business-oriented features, like a dedicated mute switch on the top, a MiniSD card slot for memory expansion and a speakerphone for meetings on the go.

The 750 supports Bluetooth wireless networking and four international G.S.M. bands. It can jump onto Cingular’s fast wireless data network for video, audio and document downloads, and can connect to most e-mail providers using Microsoft Outlook Mobile and Microsoft’s push e-mail systems.

Windows users can synchronize their contacts and calendar entries with home PCs using the included software, and the phone can open and edit most Microsoft Office documents. JOHN BIGGS


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